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Qigong  w/Tai Chi 
Monday Eves. 7 PM
At the Institute for Spiritual Development
15 Sparta Ave, Sparta NJ

Qigong w/Tai Chi for Health
Class is for all beginners and enthusiasts,
and features the graceful movement methods of Qigong  /Tai Chi.
The movements are gentle, easy to learn and safe. Regular practice improves:
flexibility, strength, heart/lung activity, balance & posture, and integrates
body, mind and spirit.

We feature a variety of Qigong (energy-work) styles that promote health and internal healing. Motions are done slowly to circulate energy throughout the body.

Chi is your vital energy within, and Qigong movements are designed to activate that energy to heal and strengthen internal systems. The therapeutic movements work with posture and breath to stimulate healthy energy flow, draw in healing chi, and release stagnant energies.

Qigong (energy/health cultivation) is the most effective way to exercise and heal your body. The gentle movements improve health by focusing on the 'moving flow of vital energy' (chi) to work out blockages, regulate blood pressure, and calm the mind.

Considered a secret of youthfulness, Qigong forms develop circulation, flexibility, balance and gracefulness. Regular Practice improves: Agility, Balance, Circulation, Coordination, Energy, Health, Healing, Mindfulness & Weight Loss. 

Qigong helps one to 'feel their body', and the energy dynamics within. Once practitioners' learn how to apply this skill, they can achieve higher levels of health and healing, at that level, Qigong becomes a powerful 'Yogic method' to connect Mind, Body & Spirit.

Our classes focus on health cultivation along with the spiritual experience of finding 'Joy in the Movement, and the Moment'. Once the connection to a movement is made, we encourage one to work at improving the technical details of the Energy dynamics.

Come Join our small friendly group,  as we explore many sides of Qigong practice.

*First Class Special Only  $ 10

$ 90 for 6 classes (15/ea) or full price: $ 20/class
Cash or Check - No Credit Cards

Just stop in,  or contact me for more information
Mark S. Gallagher c- 862.266.2070, email-


Now offering Private Sessions in:
Qigong Personal Fitness Training
& Holistic Weight Loss Coaching

Sparta Tai Chi Offers:

'Chi Energy' Workshops
Certified Programs in:
'Tai Chi for Health'
'Yin Yang Healing Qigong'

Sparta Tai Chi

Vitality Training

Health preservation, Internal Healing, Agility, Balance, Energy,
& Grace



Sparta Tai Chi

15 Sparta Ave, Sparta, NJ - Phone 862.266.2070